Aug 1, 2014

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We love the Diva dining chair from Ciacci and so do our customers!

Only occasionally do we focus on individual products in our blogs as we like to use this ‘extra’ space to provide further insights and ramblings about aspects of contemporary furniture that we cannot fully cover on our main site,

However, one of our customers recently refreshed the look of their dining room using a number of items from us and although she absolutely adored the dining table and sideboard she had ordered she heaped particular praise on her new Diva dining chairs from Ciacci.

The Diva chair from Ciacci

The Diva chair from Ciacci

When originally discussing her requirements with us she advised the sales team that she wanted to add a truly distinctive and inspiring look to her redecorated dining area.  She also commented that she was also looking for something that added a little fun and a splash of colour to the look of the room without compromising on its contemporary aesthetic or style.  After considering the customers specific requirements there was only one winner for us and that was the Diva chair!

Close up of the Diva chair showing distinctive design

Add the wow factor with the Diva chair

From the creative mind of Gina Carollo this chair features a simply stunning seat design that is crafted from durable polycarbonate. The striking seat is supported by a choice of either straight or sledge legs constructed from sleek painted steel, both types of legs allow the chairs to be stacked. This designer chair is available with a range of differing seat colours (the customer ordered contrasting colours to add a playful look to the room) whilst the supporting legs can also be supplied with either a chromed steel or aluminium grey finish.

A swatch showing some of the colours the Diva chair is available in

Some of the colours the Diva chair is available in

So if your looking to add the wow factor to your dining room along with a touch of colour then the Diva dining chair is for you!

To view the stunning Diva chair, our other designer seating options or our complete collection of contemporary furniture please visit and why not join us on twitter @iconafurniture , facebook or Google+ for exclusive discounts and information on this and other products.

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