Aug 18, 2014

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Ideas and advice – Making sure your choice of barstool is right for your interior

The first in our series of features offering ‘Ideas and Advice’ on designer furniture, today we look at some of the things that need to be considered when selecting the perfect contemporary barstool for your home, bar or office.

Available in a wide choice of designs and styles and in a variety of different materials, contemporary barstools conform under normal circumstances to a limited set of sizes particularly in terms of their height. 

Whilst the design of the barstool itself is very much a matter of personal choice, the size of the stool is one factor that maybe constrained by the environment into which the stool is being placed and this is therefore a primary consideration.

The Koncord Stool from Slide Design shown in Orange

The Koncord Stool from Slide Design

What is the right height barstool for my table, breakfast bar or counter?

Although standard within a range of sizes, the height of barstools varies by design and for this reason it perhaps the most critical factor to review during the selection process.  Prior to purchasing a barstool it is important to consider the environment where the barstool will be placed and in particular the table, counter or bar against which it will be used. 

Taking a simple measurement of the height from the floor to the underside of the table or counter will provide you with a measurement which you can then use when considering the most appropriately sized barstool.  It is important to remember that the measurement you take should consider any lips or aprons on the table or counter.

The heights of counter surfaces in particular will vary from interior to interior, however, it is widely considered that the optimum leg room between the counter or table top and the seat of the barstool should be between between 25cm and 35cm (or approximately 10” to 13”).  You should therefore take this ‘leg-room’ measurement away from the height of the counter or table to understand the most suitable seat height for your barstool.

Don’t forget that it’s the seat height of the stool that is important not the height of the seat back as under normal circumstances this part of the stool will not be placed underneath the table or counter.  The presence of arms on the barstool should also be considered as this will directly impact on whether or not the stool will fit under the counter and therefore on the available leg space between the seat and the relevant top.

For those of us looking for versatility then an adjustable barstool maybe more suitable than a fixed option as these will allow the seat height to be adjusted according to the size of the user.

Roomshot of the Made adjustable stool from Ciacci shown in yellow

The Made adjustable stool from Ciacci

How many barstools can I fit against my table, breakfast bar or counter?

So you know what height of stool to consider when reviewing the most suitable contemporary barstools for your interior, but how many do you need, or more to the point how many will fit against your bar, counter or table?  A general rule of thumb for providing optimal space between barstools is that there should be between 65 and 75cm (or between 66” and 76”) from the centre of one stool to the next.

Although you may already have an idea of how many stools you need or would like within in area it is important not to try to cram too many stools into a space as this will not only limit the leg space available to the users but will also severely impact on the stylish aesthetic that could otherwise be created. 

Here at Icona we have a wide range of modern barstools from the worlds leading designer furniture brands.  Our selection includes both adjustable and fixed barstools along with a wide range of materials, styles and colours.  To view our extensive collection of designer barstools then visit

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